Dheinsville History

The community of Dheinsville was located at the intersection of the four corners of Sections 8, 9, 16, and 17.

Here is located the Christ Evangelical Church building and the original building of the Germantown Mutual Insurance Company, then called Farmers Insurance, among other buildings.

picture of the Bell Barn, 2004, September 1997
                  Bell/Fire Company Museum

The patent purchasers of land in the immediate vicinity were Phillip Dhein on 22 August 1822 of 240 acres in sections 8 and 9, Peter Sinz on 22 August 1842 of 80 acres in section 9, and Johann Knetzger on 2/3/4 August and 12 September 1842 and 4 November 1843 of 600 acres in sections 8, 17 and 20. Most of Johann's purchased were in what was to be Goldenthal. In 1859 we see the Dheinsville land owned by A. Kleischer, P. Dhien, V. Dhein, and P. Beuscher. In 1873 the owners were: P. Dhein, H. Fleischer, P. Beuscher. By this time there existed a store, hotel, and blacksmith shop according to the plat map.

picture of Wolf Fachwerk Haus, September 1997
                           Fachwerk Haus

Today [2002] is located there the Dheinsville Historic District a must see for all not just Germantown residents: Christ Church; Dheinsville Cemetery; Das Hunstrucker Feste Halle, Philip Dhein Hotel; Neidlein Blacksmith Shop; Rockfield School; Valentine Wolf Fachwerk Haus, shoemaker; Wolf's Barn, bell collection, fireman's memorabilia; Berg's Saloon and School House; Germantown Farmers Insurance Building; Victorian Home; Knetzger Log Home; Dheinsville Historic Park, and more.

picture of the Berg's Saloon
                           Berg's Saloon