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There are two versions as to where the camera person stood when taking this picture. One is from Firemans Park looking south. The second, and the likely correct one, is from the hill by the west quarry.

From Firemans Park

Picture taken from the hill about where the boy scout cabin had been, view looking south. For those who do not know where the cabin was, it was located in Firemans Park about 150 feet north-northeast of the swing area. If you walk there you will see an unusual flat area. This is where the cabin was located. Today if you were standing on this ground, after cutting down those trees planted in the late 1940s, you would be looking pretty much as the photographer did, maybe a bit west further south. The tree area on the right may have been east of the firehouse and just south of the swings. When the park was first started, this tree area is where the sand box was located.

The tall building center front looks to be an ice house, that is, a building used to store ice harvested in the winter months and used in the summer months. Ice could have been harvested from the two limestone quarries. Joseph Siegl in his 95th years in 2003 recalled that they made ice north of Gehl's dairy. Gilbert Arnold remembers an ice house and that they harvested ice from Walterlin's quarry.

From The West Quarry Hill

Picture taken from the hill by the west quarry. View is looking east. The road running in front would be Broadway. From a picture on the Germantown Historical Society's photo gallery, there is a similar picture but taken from on top the hill which exposes more buildings to the right. On the far right, on the west side of this road would be the pickle factory. The key to this scenario is the Germantown Insurance Company building which is located to the left, that is, east of the pickle factory. The large residence house about half way to the dairy would be the Schwalbach house. Running in front of the Insurance Company building, the Schwalbach house, and past the dairy would be Main Street. It would seem Church Street did not yet exist. The street running on the side of the dairy would be North Street.

shared by Emma (Jung) Kinkead shared by Emma (Jung) (Kinkead
(shared by Emma (Jung) Kinkead)

shared by Emma (Jung) (Kinkead shared by Emma (Jung) (Kinkead
Diefenthaeler/Duerrwaechter Commercial Complex
just west of railroad tracks on Main Street
(shared by Emma (Jung) Kinkead)

picture of Beuscher Park; shared by Emma (Jung) Kinkead Siegl Park; shared by John Eugene Siegl
Beuscher/Siegl Park

View from Main Street looking southeast. Beuscher Park on left later known as the Seigl Park. Today it is called Jerry's Old Town Inn. Left picture, photographer Jos. F. Seidl, Hartford.

Canning Factory
across the street from McArthur School
view looking east from railroad tracks
(shared by Emma (Jung) Kinkead)

picture of Fire House #2
Fire House, Second Building

First fire house was located across the street from Gehl Dairy. To its right was the railroad spur. Picture taken in c: 1911. At the time across the street were the lime kilns and from where the photo was taken. The firehouse was built in 1907.

picture of Walterlin Meat Delivery Truck, c: 1917; shared by Shirley (Wandschneider) Walterlin
Walterlin Meat Markert Delivery Truck, c:1917
(shared by Shirley (Wandschneider) Walterlin)

picture of Midway Salestables; shared by Emma (Jung) Kinkead
Midway SaleStables
(anyone remember where the stable was located?
(shared by Emma (Jung) Kinkead)

picture of local farmers threshing; shared by Emma (Jung) Kinkead
Local Farmers, Threshing
shared by Emma (Jung) Kinkead

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