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This portal provides details on deceased members of the Schulteis family of Wisconsin and their ancestors from 1660s up to the 1920s.  The details are limited to the bare birth/marriage/death/burial events. Additional detail have been recorded but it is considered family personal and not shared online.  The family arrived in the United States of America with the appearance of Peter Joseph in 1843 who came from Rhinebach, Rhineland and settled in Richfield, Washington County, Wisconsin.  For the most part, up through the 1920s, male members of the family remained in Wisconsin, specifically Washington County, while female members dispersed with their husbands to Iowa, the Dakotas, and Minnesota.  A brother Herman Joseph headed to Washington, DC and after several generations, contact with this family branch was lost.

Here you will also find the Schulteis/Schultes/Schultheis families of Rheinbach and elsewhere in Germany who go back to the 1660s.

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The above picture is of the William and Agnes (Wolf) Schulteis farm in Richfield, Washington County, Wisconsin, USA.  The picture was taken in the late 1940s.

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