This portal provides details on deceased members of the Siegl/Siegel family of Wisconsin up to the 1920s. Anna Maria (Tirschl) Siegel came to Sheboygan in 1887, Joseph John Siegl arrived in Milwaukee in 1902, and Maria (Hornik) Tauer arrived in 1904 and settled in Hiles, Wisconsin. Also identified are the Sigl/Siegl/Siegel families of Bohemia who lived in Vollmau since the 1780s and in Furth im Wald, Bavaria in the 1600s. In 1945, during the Sudetenland Explusion, these families were forcibly displace with more than one family member loosing their life.

The above picture is of the Siegl family house-barn building taken around 1880-1890. It was called the Hüllbauer house.

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