Parish History Chapter 4

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Father Sippel was appointed Dean and his title changed to Very Reverend. He coordinated church activities for district 6 encompassing Washington County with its 20 "parishes."

In 1998 James A. Chrisien became Permanent Diaconate.

The parish again looked beyond itself to the community in which it lived as was the case in 1845 when the parish began. The parish sponsored a visiting nurse and a community food pantry.

With the ever increasing number of families in the parish, changes had to be made to accommodate this. Because a priest is limited to the number of masses that can be said in one day, a third Sunday church service was held on Saturday evening. To attend midnight mass, a family needed to obtain a ticket because of fire restrictions, that is, the size of the church limited the number of people who could be accommodated. Since additional masses could not be said, talks centered on how to increase the size of the church to accommodate the ever increasing number of parish families.

With the retirement of Father Sippel (1992-2007), on 19 June 2007, Father Todd A. Budde became pastor at St. Boniface Parish. Father Todd was born on 30 December 1969 in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. He was ordained on 19 May 2001. This was his 3rd assignment, first as pastor, arriving from St. Mary Parish in Hales Corners, Wisconsin. Father Todd left the parish during the week of 05 June 2011. On 01 July, Father Loyola Amalraj arrived at the parish with the title Parish Administrator. Father Loyola was born in India, was ordained in 1981, attended Marquette Unitersity in the 1990s, became a United States citizen in 2008, worked as Parochial Vicar in several parishes in New York state, and came to St. Boniface from St. Martin de Porres Parish in Poughkeepsie.

... and life of the parish continues ...

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