Religious Of The Parish

Johanna Mullen

Sister Hanna Mullen, OSF-SSSF On 19 February 1847, Johanna Mullen was born to John and Norah Mullen. Johanna arrived at the School Sister of St. Francis in Campbellsport in 1875. She was received into the Order on 23 August 1876 and given the name Sister Mary Seraphica, OSF. Her first vows were on 23 August 1877 with final vows on 10 August 1888.

Her assignments:

1876-1877   St. Victor; Monroe, Wisconsin; Teacher
1877-1878   St. Joseph; Wilmette, Illinois; Teacher
1888-1889   St. Boniface, Westphalia, Iowa; Teacher
1895-1896   St. Mary, Portsmouth, Iowa; Teacher
1896-1898   St. James, Washington, Iowa; Teacher
1899-1900   St. Mary, Bear Creek, Wisconsin; Teacher
1903-1913   Motherhouse, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Director of Novices

At the age of 60, in 1907, Sister Seraphica was elected first councilor. She retained this position until 1913 when she was elected third councilor. In 1919, at the age of 72, Sister Seraphica was elected second councilor. A councilor was active in the general administration of the order helping the Verneable Mother in making day to day decisions, visiting outlying missions to assess the situation, mediate differences between the pastor and the teaching sisters, and other duties.

Sister Seraphica Mullen died at the age of 88 years on 20 December 1934 at the Motherhouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is buried in Calvary Cemetery, Milwaukee, Block 12.

(information shared by the Archives Department of the School Sisters of Saint Francis in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.)

Margaretha Beyer

Sister Burkharda aka Margaretha Beyer, SSND Margaretha Beyer was born on 01 March 1855 in Germantown (Meeker Hill), Washington County, Wisconsin. She was the daughter of George and Apolonia Margareta (Flash) Beyer. Margaretha entered the School Sisters of Notre Dame on 22 May 1875 at the age of 20 years. She was received and given the name Sister Burkharda, SSND. She became a novice on 22 August 1877. First vows were taken on 28 August 1880 and final vows on 26 July 1888.

Sister was missioned in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Oshkosh, Wisconsin; St. Michael, Minnesota; Cresent Hill, Kentucky; and Hewitt, Wisconsin. After Hewittt, Sister Burkharda took charge of the Order's Elm Grove, Wisconsin facility. At that time Elm Grove contained quarters for the ill, the retired, a small orphanage for girls and a large farm. She was both teacher and superior at some of these institutions. The years of strenuous work began to draw heavily on Sister's strength and she was transferred to Burlington, Wisconsin where her duties were less difficult. Here her health failed and she was called to the Motherhouse. She spent her last years at the Order's Marianum facility, newly erected in 1921, where she had previously served as Superior.

Sister Burkharda died on 21 April 1923. Funeral services were held on 23 April. The solemn requiem funeral Mass was officiated by her two brothers. She was buried at the convent cemetery in Elm Grove, Waukesha County, Wisconsin.

(information shared by the Archives Department of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in Elm Grove, Wisconsin and from the book, The Beyer Family, by Richard and Marian Beyer)

Kilian George Beyer

Reverend Kilian George Beyer On 21 April 1856 Kilian George Beyer, son of George and Apolonia Margareta (Flash) Beyer was born in Germantown (Meeker Hill), Washington County, Wisconsin, USA. On 29 June 1885, 29 years later he was ordained by his uncle, Most Reverend Kilian C. Flash. He went on to become chaplain of The Sisters Of The Third Order of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration holding this position for 49 years. Father died 23 October 1937 at St. Rose Convent in La Crosse and is buried there in Calvary Cemetery just to the right of the main entrance gate.

Obituary: Lacrosse Times, 26 October 1937, page 1

Appointed Chaplain Of St. Rose Convent On May 26, 1888

The Rev. Kilian G. Beyer, 81, chaplain of St. Rose convent for the past 49 years, quietly passed away Friday at 1:20 P.M. after an illness of a week.

Father Beyer had been in failing health for the last four or five years, and at several times during the past year he was at the point of death. Due to his age and the resultant weakness he failed to recover from an attack of illness which finally developed pneumonia.

Born in Wisconsin

Father Beyer was born in Germantown, Wis. April 21, 1856. He was the second of a family of 14 children, seven of whom preceded him in death. He attended the parish school of his home town [St. Boniface in Goldenthal], and later entered the St. Francis seminary where he pursued his theological studies.

June 29, 1885, he was ordained to the priesthood at La Cross by his uncle, the Rt. Rev. Kilian Casper Flasch. Some time later he was appointed to the pastorate of St. Mary Church at Big River, Wis., which position he held until May 26, 1888, when he took over the chaplaincy of St. Rose convent, remaining in that capacity until the time of his death.

In June 1935, Father Beyer quietly celebrated his Golden Sacerdotal Jubilee, at which time he was the recipient of many congratulatory messages.

Brother, Sister At Bedside

He passed away while prayers were recited by the Rev. Charles Herber, assistant chaplain of St. Rose convent, assisted by his brother, Father Edmund Beyer, and the Rev. C.A. Freriks, and responded to by the Venerable Mother Seraphine and the group of her sisters, to whom the deceased had been for nearly 50 years a faithful and devoted spiritual father and friend.

Besides his brother, the Rev Edmund Beyer, Marathon, WIS., and his sister Kunigunda, La Crosse, both of whom were present at the time of death, he is mourned by three brothers, John, Frank and Leonard, and a sister, Sister M. Margaret, a member of the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

Funeral services will be held at St. Rose convent chapel at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, and burial will take place at Calvary Cemetery immediately following the solemn requiem.

George Regenfuss

Monsignor George Regenfuss On 18 October 1877, George Regenfuss was born to Jacob Regenfuss and Elizabeth Rossbach. On 22 June 1902, 25 years later, he was ordained Father Regenfuss by Bishop Eis of Marquette, Michigan. Father Regenfuss celebrated his first Solemn Mass at the parish on June 25. In 1913 he became Spiritual director to the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi and retained this position for 47 years. Father died as Monsignor Regenfuss on 22 March 1960 and is buried in the woods at St. Francis Seminary.

George entered the seminary in 1891. Father's first assignment in 1902 was to St.Mary's Church in Milwaukee. In 1908 he was transferred to St. Louis Parish in Caledonia, Wisconsin. On the Feast of St. Michael, 29 September 1913, Father Regenfuss arrived at St. Francis Convent as the newly appointed Chaplain of the Sisters.

For the next 47 years Father Regenfuss served faithfully as Chaplain and Spiritual Director and Professor of Religion and Greek. He was deeply interested in the spiritual and intellectual growth of the Sisters. The "Religion Room" was lined with current and classic books in a wide range of theology and practical religious subjects. And this library was available to the Sisters. Father Regenfuss was devoted to the Liturgy of the Church and kept the Community abreast of liturgical developments and practices.

Father also taught religion at St. Mary's Academy and found great joy in preparing the children in the grade school department for their First Holy communion. He also enjoyed showing "movies" for the Sisters and students.

In 1952, Father Regenfuss celebrated the Gloden Jubilee of his Priesthood and was named Monsignor in 1954. This dedicated priest and friend was called to eternel life on March 22, 1960. author unknown

John Kohl

Reverend John Kohl On 24 November 1879, John Kohl was born to Andrew Kohl and Eva Schwalbach. The book St. Francis Seminary 1856-1931 identifies he entered the seminary when 19 years old. Father died on 2 April 1929 and is buried in the parish cemetery, Area 3, Row 2, Grave 23 [Plot 04-B2].

Huntington, Indiana Newspaper
Sunday, 14 April 1929

The Rev. John F. Kohl, Pastor of St. Monica's Is Buried In Wisconsin

... Father Kohl's death, which occurred at St. Joseph's hospital Tuesday afternoon, April 2, followed an operation from which he was thought to have been successfully recovering. His death marked the close of an illness which covered a period of ten years. However, it did not become serious until the day of the operation, March 21st.

Funeral services took place at St. Monica's, Mishawaka, Saturday morning, April 6th, after which the body was taken via the New York Central to Milwaukee, Wis., where it lay in state at St. Leo's church until Monday morning, when a second funeral Mass was offered with the Rev. Peter Thelsen as celebrant. Interment was made at Goldenthal, Wis., about fifteen miles from Milwaukee. There the deceased was buried beside the graves of his parents.

Biography of Departed Rector

The deceased, who was 49 years of age, was born in South Germantown, Wis., the son of the late Mr. And Mrs. Andrew Kohl [Eva Schwalbach]. Following his ordination by Bishop Alerding at the Cathedral in Fort Wayne on June 17, 1905, he was assigned as assistant priest to the Rev. Dean Bernard Kroeger of St. Bridget's church, Logansport, Ind. In 1907 he served as assistant at St. Lawrence's church at Muncie and in 1910, as pastor at St. Paul's church at Columbus City, Ind. and its mission, Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at Warsaw, Ind. In 1918 he succeeded the late Rev. John Bleckman as rector of St. Monica's, Mishawaka.

Directs Building of New Church

Under his excellent leadership the parish made rapid progress, a debt of $40,000 on the new school was effaced and a site purchase for a new church. Finally on October 3, 1927, the crowning work of Father Kohl's pastorate was realized, the dedication of St. Monica's beautiful $135,000 church. Up-to-date (less than two years after the dedication) more than $12,000 of the new debt has been paid off.

In addition to his duties as a priest, Father Kohl devoted considerable time to the study of music, of which he was the advanced student. He composed music for a number of Masses and was an accomplished pipe organist. He organized and directed the boy's choir of his church and also directed the mixed choir.

Reported by John F. Kohl to St. Meinard Seminary, St. Meinard, Indiana on February 9, 1903

I was born at So. Germantown Wis. Nov. the 24th 1879 where my parents still reside.

I received my early education at a "District school" since a parochial school was not there. At the age of 10 or 11 I entered the new parochial school and stayed at same up to 14 almost.

I entered St. Francis Seminary (Milwaukee) in Sept. 1894 (then 14 years old) and stayed there three years in which I completed first and second classes. In September 1897 I went to St. Lawrence College Mt. Calvary, Wis. and there completed my classical course in June 1900. The same year in Sept. I came to St. Meinard to take Philosophy and am now in first Theology. [he completed his studies in June 1905]

I wish furthermore to remark that I have never been outside of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee until I came to St. Meinard. During the vacation I was at home assisting my father on the farm.

Jerome Engelbert Schulteis

Reverend Jerome Schulteis Jerome Engelbert Schulteis, son of William Schulteis and Agnes Maria Wolf, was born on Monday 05 July 1915 at home in Richfield, Washington County, Wisconsin, USA. Jerome arrived at 1:15 in the evening weighing 8 lbs. 2 oz. with brown hair and green eyes. He was baptized on Sunday 25 July 1915 at St. Augustine Catholic Church, Richfield. Reverend M. Wagner of St. Hubert performed the rite. His godparents were his uncle Engelbert Hubert Wolf and his aunt Isabelle Marie Schulteis. Father died at the age of 79 at 8:10 in the morning on Monday 12 June 1995 in Rocky Knoll Health Care Facility, Plymouth. He is buried in St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery, Germantown. The burial location is Area 3, Row 4, Grave 26 [Plot 14-D2] next to his sister Marie and east of his mother.

On Friday 11 June 1926, at the age of 10, Jerome received his first communion at St. Mary Catholic Church, Richfield. In 1927 Jerome was graduated from St. Boniface Catholic Grade School. At the age of 12 he went on to the preparatory seminary.

Jerome Engelbert was confirmed on Thursday 02 February 1928 at the age of 12. His confirmation sponsor was Father John Thomas S.J. Jerome was graduated from St. Francis De Sales Preparatory Seminary, Saint Francis, Wisconsin on 09 June 1933. In 1937 he was graduated from St. Francis Seminary, Saint Francis, Wisconsin, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree. Jerome was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest Sunday, 09 February 1941 at St. Francis Seminary Chapel, Saint Francis, Wisconsin, by Bishop William Griffin of Springfield, Illinois and assisted by Monsignor Albert G. Meyer and William S. Gensler. At the time the diocese was short a few good priests so they called six out of the graduating class (Aloysius Ahler, Jerome Hastrich, Harold Herbst, Alphonse Jernatowski, and Jerome) to be ordained early. Father Jerome offered his first Solemn Mass at 10:00 in the morning on Tuesday, February 11, 1941 at St. Boniface. The pastor of the parish, the Reverend Alexander Karrels, was assistant; the Reverend Henry J. Miller deacon; the Reverend Claude O'Brien sub-deacon; Mr. Wilfred Berres Master of Ceremonies. The sermon was preached by Reverend John Stehling who was a family friend and pastor of Holy Angels in West Bend. Later that afternoon at 3:30, Father Jerome officiated at Benediction at Holy Angels Church.

Pastoral Assignments all in Wisconsin:

05 March 1941 St. Joseph, Fond du Lac; Assistant Pastor.
10 October 1945 St. Edward, Racine; Assistant Pastor.
03 July 1946 St. Joseph, Milwaukee; Assistant Pastor.
09 October 1956 St. Paul, Genesee Depot; Pastor.
19 May 1960 Holy Cross, Holy Cross; Pastor.
24 June 1965 Our Lady Of Sorrow, Milwaukee; Pastor.
14 Mar 1972 St. Paul, Genesee Deport; Pastor
1984 Retired

Anna Therisa Wiedmeyer

Sister Anna Wiedmeyer, OSF-SSSF On 23 February 1916, Anna Therisa Wiedmeyer was born to Ambrose Wiedmeyer and Sophia Goeller. In 1934, 17 years later, she was received into the Order of the School Sisters of St. Francis receiving the name Sister Mary Floriana, OSF. She professed on 19 August 1936 with perpetual vows on 08 August 1942. On 25 November 1975, Sister Floriana was dispensed of her vows and withdrew from the Order.


1935-1937   St. Mathias, Chicago, Illinois; Teacher
1937-1938   Scared Heart, Lombard, Illinois; Teacher
1938-1943   Sacred Heart, Peoria, Illinois; Teacher
1942-1946   Holy Rosary, Medford, Wisconsin; Teacher
1946-1949   St. Mary, Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Teacher
1949-1954   St. Joseph, Summit, Illinois; Teacher
1954-1957   Our Lady of Victory, Chicago, Illinois; Teacher
1957-1961   Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Glenview, Illinois; Teacher
1961-1864   Saint Catherine Labouré, Glenview, Illinois; Teacher
1964-1967   St. Dionysius, Ccicero, Illinois; Principal/Teacher
1967-1971   Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Glenview, Illinois, Principal/Teacher
1971-1975   Pecos Independent School, Pecos, New Mexico; Teacher

Anna Therisa died on 9 April 1993 and is buried in the parish cemetery, Area 3, Row 5, Grave 46 [Plot 28-A1].

(information shared by the Archives Department of the School Sisters of Saint Francis in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.)

Alice Anthonia Schuster

Sister Alice Schuster, OSF-SSSF On 28 June 1917, Alice Anthonia Schuster was born to Aloysius Schuster and Victoria Anna Szatkowski. On 13 June 1934, 17 years later, she was received into the Order of the School Sisters of St. Francis and received the name Sister Mary de Angelis, OSF. She professed on 19 August 1936 with perpetual vows on 08 August 1942.


1935-1951   St. Benedict; Chicago, Illinois; Teacher
1951-1952   St. William; Chicago, Illinois; Teacher
1952-1956   St. Liborius, Steger, Illinois; Teacher
1956-1962   St. Liborius, Steger, Illinois; Principal/Teacher
1962-1963   Holy Cross, Stockton,Illinois; Teacher
1963-1964   St. Alexis, Bensenville, Illinois; Teacher
1964-1965   Holy Name, Cedar Lake, Indiana; Teacher
1965-1969   Cathedral School, Rockford, Illinois; Teacher
1969-1970   University of New Mexico, Albuquerque; Fellowship
1970-1976   Pecos High School, Pecos, New Mexico; Teacher
1975-1979   Pecos High School, Pecos, New Mexico; Teacher/Chairperson Mathematics Department
1979-1996   Northern New Mexico Community College, Espanola, New Mexico; Mathematics Instructor
1996-1997   Sante FE, New Mexico; Retired
1997-1997   Motherhouse, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Ill Health

Sister died on 08 July 1997 at St. Joseph Convent, Campbellsport. She is buried in the parish cemetery, Area 4, Row 4, Grave 384.

(information shared by the Archives Department of the School Sisters of Saint Francis in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.)

Arthur Jerome Baertlein

Reverend Arthur Baertlein Arthur Jerome Baertlein was born on 01 February 1920 to William Arthur Baertlein and Mary Greulich. He graduated from St. Boniface Grade School, went to St. Lawrence Seminary, Mount Calvary, and completed studies for the priesthood at St. Francis Seminary. Arthur Jerome was ordained for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee on 2 February 1945 by Archbishop Moses E. Kiley at St. John Cathedral. He celebrated his first Solemn Mass at St. Boniface on 4 February.

Father Baertlein served the faithful of the Archdiocese for 49 years in many positions.

1945  Feb-Apr                  Immaculate Conception (Barton), West Bend (assistant pastor)
1945 April - 1946 Sept    St. Bernard, Wauwatosa (assistant pastor)
1946 Sept - 1963 Sept    St. Rose, Milwaukee (assistant pastor)
1963 Sept - 1968 Jun      St. Michael, Dotyville (pastor)
1968 Jun - 1984 Jul    St. Catherine, Milwaukee (pastor)
1984 Jul-Oct                St. Peter, Port Washington (temporary administrator)
1984 Oct                      (sick leave)
1990 Jan                      retired

Father Baertlein had strong ties with his home community. His first anointing was of Arthur Roskopf of St. Boniface and during his final years, he helped out at St. Boniface and several of the neighboring parishes. He touched many lives and gave hope to countless numbers. He was always there for whomever needed assistance.

Father joined the Lord he served on 4 January 1994 and is buried in the parish cemetery, Area 3, Row 3, Grave 37 [Plot 16-C1].

(information shared by the Stout family)

Helen Agnes Schulteis

Sister Helen Schulteis, OSF-SSSF Helen Agnes Schulteis, daughter of William Schulteis and Agnes Maria Wolf, was born on Tuesday 17 February 1920 in Richfield, Washington County, Wisconsin, USA. She was baptized Sunday 22 February 1920 at St. Boniface Catholic Church, Goldenthal. Reverend John J. Stehling performed the rite. Her godparents were her uncle, Herman Joseph Schulteis Jr., and her aunt, Helen Henrietta (Schulteis) Werner. Herlen died on 26 January 2008 at the School Sister of St Francis Mother House in Campbellsport, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, USA. She is buried at St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery, Germantown in Area 3, Row 4, Grave 25 [Plot 14-D1] next to her brother Jerome and east of her father.

On Sunday 04 May 1930, at the age of 10, Helen received her first communion at St. Boniface Catholic Church. Together with her that day were: Arthur Baertlein, Phil Caspary, Madeline Eichinger, Margaret Eichinger, Erwin Fleishman, Gertrude Gebbhard, Loraine Gebbhard, Janet Greulich, Laura Kohl, Vernon Limbach, Hilbert Merkel, Lucille Neu, Frances Roskopf, Lawrence Schneider, Marcella Steger, Dorothy Stockfish, Ethel Stockfish, Loretta Wiedmeyer, Arcella Wolf, Dorothy Wolf, and Joseph Yogerst.

Helen was confirmed at 3:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday 26 April 1932, at the age of 12, at St. Boniface Catholic Church. Her sponsor was her cousin, Marie Emily Kaehny. In 1933 Helen was graduated from St. Boniface Grade School, Goldendale. She entered St. Joseph Convent High School in Milwaukee and spent the next three years to February 1936 completing high school requirements. On Saturday 13 June 1936, at the age of 16, Helen was received into the Order of the School Sisters of St. Francis in Milwaukee and received the name Sister Mary Aloysiana, OSF. Profession occurred on Thursday 11 August 1938. She took her final vows on Saturday 12 August 1944. After Vatican II she chose the name Sister Helen Schulteis.

Helen was graduated from St. Joseph Convent High School, Milwaukee in May 1936. She was graduated in 1953 from Alverno College, Milwaukee, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, Geography, and English Education. Helen was graduated in 1969 from St. Louis University, Saint Louis, Missouri, receiving a Master of Arts Degree in Cultural Geography.


15 August 1937 St. Michael, Wheaton, Illinois; 1st and 2nd grades; Catechist at St. Irene Parish in Warrenville.
16 August 1943 St. Joseph, Aurora, Illinois; 1st grade
17 August 1947 St. Bernadine, Forest Park, Illinois; 1st and 2nd grades
11 August 1949 St. Peter, Skokie, Illinois; 7th grade
14 August 1953 St. Joseph, Phlox, Wisconsin; 4th, 5th, and 6th grades
04 January 1954 Holy Redeemer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 8th grade
18 August 1958 Lady of Perpetual Help, Glenview, Illinois; 6th grade. (during summer school taught high school postulants)
17 August 1959 St. Francis High School, Yazoo City, Mississippi (Algebra, Latin, Religion, General Mathematics, and Geography)
20 August 1960 St. Joseph High School, Kenosha, Wisconsin (English, History, Religion) department head, curriculum director
22 August 1974 Ryan High School, Omaha, Nebraska; Curriculum Administrator
11 August 1977 Director of Development - Mother House, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
18 August 1980 Ryan High School, Omaha, Nebraska
01 August 1983 Helen was assigned to U.S. Providence, Milwaukee.

Sister Helen taught Social Studies at the Milwaukee Institute from 1987 to 2000. She was a teacher for 60 years.

(information shared by Sister Helen Schulteis OSF-SSSF

Mary Hayes

Sister Margherita Hayes, RSM On 20 November 1925, Mary Hayes was born to Daniel Hayes and Margaret Burg. On 3 February 1947, 21 years later, she was received into the Order of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas at their novitiate in Des Plaines, Illinois receiving the name Sister Mary Margherita, RSM. Sister Margherita died on 08 February 2009 and was buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Worth, Cook County, Illinois, USA. The burial location is Section 8, Block 14-F, Lot 96.

Mary was graduated from Mercy High School in Milwaukee in 1944. She worked for a few years and at the age of 21, entered the Sister of Mercy Order on 03 February 1947. First Profession was on 16 August 1949. Final Profession occurred on 16 August 1952 at Out Lady of Mercy Noviate in Des Plaines.

Sister Mary Margherita Hayes taught in primary grades. This took place in Chicago, Seneca, Illinois, Streator, Illinois, Janesville, Wisconsin, Park Ridge, Illinois, and Milwaukee. After teaching, she worked at St. Catherine Residence for Young Mothers who attended school or worked. She also tutored at Immaculate Conception in Milwaukee.

(information shared by Sister Mary Margherita Hayes, RSM)

Delores Leona Theine

Sister Delores Theine, OSF Delores Leona Theine was born on 17 December 1938 to John Anton Theine and Clara Anna Brahm. She attended and graduated from St. Boniface Elementary School and went on to high school at St. Mary's Academy (Milwaukee) from which she graduated in 1957. In August of 1957, Delores was received into the Order of the Sisters of St. Francis Assisi and received the name Sister John Clare. After Vatican II, she went back to her baptismal name, and was known as Sister Delores Theine, OSF. She took first vows in 1960 and professed in 1965.

Sister Delores taught the upper grades in elementary schools in the Milwaukee area from 1959 until 1994: St Agnes for 18 years, Mother of Good Counsel for 9 years, and shorter intervals at St. Sebastian, St. Veronica, St. Gerard, and St. Catherine. In 1988 she, along with four other Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, took up residence in the convent of St. Boniface Parish in Germantown. Sister Delores began teaching at the school in 1994, where she is continues teaching at the present time. [2008]

(information shared by Sister Delores Theine, OSF)