Parish Timeline

1844Father HeissPastor of Mission Church
1845Joannes KnetzgerDonates Two Acres to Milwaukee Diocese
1845 Log Church Built
1846Father SchroudenbackFirst Pastor (possibly)
1846Father ObermüllerCircuit Rider Supporting The Area
1846Father MeyerCircuit Rider Supporting The Area
1846 First Baptism (George Mehl)
1847Father Salzmann
1848 School Conducted by Mr. Bodden
1848 Father KendelerAssistant to Father Salzmann (one year)
1848 Parish Moved From Section 17 to Section 20
1849Father Sadler
1850Father Laufhuber(possibly); First Cemetery (northwest corner)
1851Father PaulhuberClay (brick) Church Built
1852Father Seif(assistant)
1854Father Pfeiffer
1854Father De Beke(assistant (one year))
1857Father Meauclére
1858Father Haslbauer
1858 Responsible for St. Mary Mission
1860Father JM Heiss
1861Father StricknerBegin Construction of Stone Church (date approximate)
1865Father Spath
1865Father FöcklerSaint Francis of Assisi Sisters Arrive
1865 Log Church Moved to Section 20
1867Father GamberAcquire First Bell (Santa Maria)
1868 Rectory Built
1869 Stone Church Completed (date approximate)
1869 Saint Francis of Assisi Sister Leave to La Crosse
1870Father Michels
1871Father Gmeiner
1872Father Zuber
1873Father Smeddinck
1874Father TrottenbergFather Michels, Sisters Alexica, Alfons, Clara Visit Parish
1875Father Drees
1878Father Bellinger
1881Father Jensen
1882Father Sauthner
1883Father Nicolas
1884Father Grobschmidt
1886Parish Incorporated
1888Father Blum
1889 Wood School House Built
1889 School Sisters of Saint Francis Arrive
1893Father DejalleCemetery Area 2 Added
1895Father WurmGolden Jubilee Celebrated
1907 Cemetery Area 3 Added
1909 Church Remodeled (steeple moved to exterior)
1909 Barn Erected Behind Parsonage
1909 Stone Shrine Added in Cemetery
1915Father Stehling
1918 Service Road Added
1918 School Sister of St. Francis Leave Parish
1918 Dominican Sisters Of St. Agnes Arrive
19?? Goldenthal Name Change to Goldendale
1925 Parish Placed Under Interdict
1925 St. Mary Mission Transferred To St. Hubert
1925Father HerrigesChurch Reopened
1925 Sisters Of St. Agnes Depart
1925 School Sisters Of St. Francis Return
1931Father KellerRectory Replaced
1933Father Karrels
1941 Garage Built
1944Father Welter
1944Father Risch
1945Centennial Celebrated
1945Father Beyer
1945Father KlasBrick School Built
1951Father HuemmerChurch Interior Redecorated
1953 Convent Building Built
1954 Church Destroyed By Fire
1955 New Church Completed
1958 Five Rooms Added To School
1959Father Schmidt
1964Goldendale Annexed Into Village Of Germantown
1982Father Andre
1989 Two Rooms Added to School; Library Established
1992Father SippelVisiting Nurse; Food Pantry Program
1995Sesquicentennial Celebrated
1996Parish Center/Gym
2007Father Budde
2007Father Amalraj