This portal identifies those who chose St. Mary Cemetery as their final resting place. The cemetery is located on the east side of Hillside Road, several hundred feet south of Pioneer Road, on the north side of the church building. Cemetery rows run north-south with the graves positioned west-east.

In 2005 the church non cemetery area was checked for possible graves using a technique called biolocation (dowsing). Church member were aware of a baby area on the north side of the cemetery contiguous to and about half way west to east. This was confirmed. Also identified were babies graves on the north side of the cemetery at its west corner. In 2006, these two baby areas had cornor markers positioned.

More surprising, about 30 graves were identified in the grass area in front of the church, south of the statue from the blacktop to 10' west of the church sign. Preponderence are adult graves and are located on the east and north borders with no graves in the south center and southwest corner. This looks to have been a "managed" area. The graves are position in a west-east direction next to one another as is done the main cemetery. The blacktoped driveway is within one foot of its east and south boundaries.


unmarked  cemetery front of church, discovered in 2005
unmarked and until recently, unknown cemetery front of church; flags identify graves, 2005

The discovery of this burial area was communicated on 19 July 2005 to the Most Reverend Timothy Dolan Archbishop of the Milwaukee Archdiocese and to the Reverend Charles Hanel, pastor of St. Gabriel in Hubertus. The letter was acknowledged by the Archdiocese.

No graves were identified in the area north of the statue up to the cemetery.

In 2007, several inurnments were made and several inurnments were planned to be positioned on top of existing graves. In support of this, grave designations were enhanced as follows.

When two individuals had their remains cremated and were inurned in the same grave, the grave position is amended with the letter “W” and with the letter “X”. As an example, 35W and 35X.

When an inurnment is made on top an existing grave, it is positioned on the north border and designated with the letters A, B, C, or D. Position “A” being on the west and position “D” on the east.

In one instance, the inurnment straddles two graves. In this case, the grave position designation is ½ as in 34 1/2.("A" but further north)

Beginning in 2008, St. Mary no longer has one cemetery area, it has two. The existing cemetery is identified as the South Cemetery. Contiguous to it on its north side is position the North Cemetery. The two baby areas are now located in the North Cemetery.